Worcestershire Breakfast Business Club – 23/03/2018

This morning’s Worcestershire Business Breakfast Club that was held at ‘Webbs at Wychbold’ and was attended by Bonnie James from our Marketing department. Here’s a few words from her regarding the event;

“I was immediately welcomed into the group with open arms and started networking amongst the various friendly attendees from graphic designers, printers, charity fund raisers to marketing developers. The session was in reference to ‘Facebook for Business’, hosted by Richard Brown from Im9act and I found it very resourceful and informative. Recently, I took on the Marketing role for Compco Fire Systems and it has opened up many paths for me to investigate, including social media for business, website development and jumping in headfirst to the open world of networking ! The aim is to get Compco Fire out there to local companies who may not have heard of us and to see what we can offer to them and their clients. It also establishes connections to various people from all backgrounds so Compco Fire is a name they recognise and trust within the community. I look forward to may more of these sessions in the future, whilst enjoying a wonderfully cooked breakfast thanks to Webbs !”

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