Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Automatic sprinkler systems

Have you been advised to install an automatic sprinkler system into your building? We’re here to help.

From design to installation and ongoing maintenance, we’ll ensure you minimise the risk of fire damage.

Insurance companies, fire inspectors and the fire and rescue service favour automatic fire suppression systems such as sprinklers. In fact, worldwide, more than 70 million sprinkler heads are installed every year.

With good reason.

An investment in fire suppression might account for 1% of the total build but reduce your insurance premium by as much as 70%.

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Have you been advised to install an automatic sprinkler system? We’d love to help.

An LPCB Level 4 accredited installer with decades of experience, let us design and install your system right first time.

Reliable and effective

Automatic sprinklers are 99% effective at controlling or extinguishing a fire. It’s also incredibly rare they go off by accident; only one sprinkler in 16 million displays a manufacturing defect.

When you install an automatic sprinkler system, you significantly reduce building damage and reduce risk to life, should a fire break out.

Did you know sprinklers use far less water than a firefighter’s hose? Typically, 55 litres per minute compared to 750 litres per minute. So, you’ll suffer much less water damage too.

How automatic sprinkler systems work

Simple devices operated by heat from a fire – the glass bulb breaks when the temperature reaches a specific level – usually 68°C. Sprinklers only activate if they’re close to the fire.

Connected to pipework each sprinkler fills in readiness with water. Once activated, the water flows, operating an alarm system.

Inside the sprinkler is a diffuser. This disperses the water flow into controlled droplets which penetrate the fire and cool the burning material to below its ignition point. As the fire rapidly cools, there’s less smoke too.

Sprinkler systems entirely stifle some fires whereas larger outbreaks are significantly controlled prior to the fire and rescue services arriving.

Enabling more ambitious design

Automatic fire suppression systems like sprinklers are good news for architects too as they allow for more spacious design in modern buildings whilst ensuring fire safety.

And with modern styling, we can hide sprinkler heads away so as not to detract from the décor. They can even be colour coordinated when required.

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