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Health & Safety is important in every workplace and public space, but Compco understands, implements and regularly reviews a strict policy of ensuring the upmost safety of every site and employee. We minimise the risk of injury at all times, putting in place restrictions and measures in order to eradicate any risks. All of our tools and equipment are obtained from highly accredited and well established companies, to minimise the risk of any faulty operation.

Compco understands the seriousness and responsibilities of health & safety and ensures that every staff member is thoroughly trained to take the appropriate steps and action.

In recognising these responsibilities, we endeavour to ensure that all matters of health and safety are an integral part of our activities during the provision of our good and services.

In order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, we provide a safe means of access to and from all workplaces, including on-site, for all employees at all times. Site inductions are conducted at every site before we commence works and that everyone involved in the project is aware of the risks and measures taken to reduce all potential hazards.

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