Low Pressure Water Mist System

Low pressure water mist systems

There are times when space is limited in a building.

There are also times when sprinklers pose too much risk to the contents. In these situations, insurance companies tend to specify a water mist system for fire protection.

Fire mist systems are gentler in their discharge than sprinklers. In fact, they typically use 40% less water. This is an advantage to buildings such as museums and old hotels where the contents or decor can be valuable.

Low pressure fire mist systems are also useful in computer rooms and catering locations. Less water means less damage to data and equipment.

Due to lower water volume, suppression systems using mist require smaller storage tanks and pipework. Great news when it’s being fitted into an existing building and space is tight. Or when architects want flexibility in their building design.

Both low and high pressure fire mist systems are available. On this page, we focus on low pressure systems which usually operate at pressures up to 12 bar.

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How does a low pressure fire mist system work?

Using the right nozzle specification for the location, water dispenses under pressure.

This results in a fine mist of water droplets. Much smaller in diameter than sprinkler droplets, the mist provides a larger surface area to cool the surface and quickly absorb the radiant heat.

Using less water, and therefore creating less damage, the fire rapidly extinguishes. Water mist systems can also protect awkward areas that are more challenging for standard sprinklers.

Where are they used?

The specification for a low pressure water mist system will generally come from your insurers or fire inspector.

The presence of many people in the building, the value of contents and the space available are all key deciding factors.

Situations when insurers prefer fire mist systems include:

  • Listed buildings
  • Museums and libraries
  • Hotels
  • Tall buildings with restricted space
  • Computer rooms and data halls

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