Matt’s 20 Years of Service Interview!

Matt, our operations director, has recently celebrated his 20 years of service with Compco Fire Systems! So, we thought that we would catch-up with him and interview Matt on just how his experience with Compco has been.

What was your dream job?

To join the Royal Marines. I went to the 3-day initiation and passed, but I decided that it wasn’t actually for me (I didn’t like being shouted at!!).

How did you find the fire sprinkler industry?

By pure chance. I was working across Europe installing machinery for the glass industry and the plastic extrusion industry when things at home got serious with the arrival of our first born. I was told by my wife I needed to find a job with less travel, and by chance, there was an opportunity working for A&A Fire as a service engineer. I worked with them for a few years and through the acquisition by Vipond when John Sinclair reached out to me to offer me the opportunity of working for Compco. I started with Compco in the small works team manager role. I progressed onto labour and plant, and then into the major contracts part of our business where I eventually became the construction manager. During a restructure of the business in Feb 2014, I was promoted to the operations director role that I have been in now for nearly 8 years.

As your life progressed, what made you consistently choose to stay with Compco?

As the fire safety industry is a specialised field, a lot of companies in the field offer very similar roles and responsibilities. I have stayed with Compco for the internal culture of the company and to work with the team we have built here. No matter what role I was in, I have always been trusted to do what I thought was right, and I have also always been given a voice in company matters. The team has always felt like a priority to Compco, whether it be through improving team moral, or offering flexibility to staff in tricky situations.

In 2020, you had a big involvement in the Compco Cancer Research UK charity page. The page ended up raising a total of £4,187. Did you find support from the whole Compco team accessible?

Definitely. Compco have always been very supportive of charity events and supporting their local community. Although they don’t shout about it, in the past, Compco have supported local charity events and sports clubs for employee’s families, set up seating in remembrance of past staff members, and fundraised for all sorts of worthwhile causes.

Through the years, do you think that Compco has shown you appreciation for your dedication to the company?

This is a tough one to judge given what modern expectations looks like for companies now. Personally, I think I have been shown appreciation through the years. Like, Compco offering gifts and extra holidays for long service is definitely a benefit, training requirements support during the transition to different roles. Compco are always finding small ways to show their appreciation to staff.

What are you doing to celebrate?

I would usually enjoy going to my local brewery for drink and relax, but I am actually attending an event called “An Evening with Nigel Owens” with my family!

Posted: 26.11.2021

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