60-70 St Mary’s Axe


Dubbed as the “Can of Ham” skyscraper, this 24 storey office building is certainly eye-catching.

The project was originally put on hold for many years thanks to the global financial crash of 2008, but was eventually saved from being written off by the appointed contractors, Mace and designers Foggo Associates.

There is 26,000 square meters of rentable office space and a large ground floor multiple retail space.

This building has added many features to the already advanced surrounding areas of London’s financial district by creating architecture that contrasts with the older, more traditional buildings but also is aesthetically pleasing and attracts multiple businesses to expand onto its floors.

Compco has installed the sprinklers and wet risers throughout the whole building at a contract value of £900,000. The installation of the fire suppression systems is expected to be completed by August 2018.


Square meters of rentable floor space


ft high


Week programme

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