Service Sales Engineer – Hamilton Office

Full time, Permanent

Primarily responsible for sourcing new business for the service and maintenance department and potential remedial and small works enquiries. In achieving the above you will be expected to source your own enquiries using various methods given to you by the Company and contact details of customers and organisations know to you.

Duties include gaining geographical information on sprinkler systems as identified and agreed by your line manager. These are including but not limited to interrogating internal knowledge from installations, quotations, lost contracts.  Your line manager will issue spreadsheets on a regular basis with information gained from internal sources to assist.

Once a potential client is suitably identified you will be solely responsible for organising any potential site meet. Upon successful gaining of a site visit and intention to quote you are to collect and collate all relevant site information to provide the client with a detailed and accurate costing for the service discipline required.  A number of checklists have been drafted and provided with this document (Check List and Requirements for Site Visits and Tenders).  Any additional to contract works such as replacing valve rubbers or specific service requirements etc, costs and relevant information will need to be collated prior, with margins agreed and saved in the relevant site cabinet.  Furthermore any additional relevant site information made available to you during the duration of the contract is to be noted on cash and where necessary on the handover document.

When a quotation has been drafted by yourself and costs assumed; this is to be reviewed by the service and maintenance manager and your line manager for authorisation prior of issue to the client. Once the quote has been issued to the client by yourself, you will be solely responsible for ensuring the client has received it and any further communication necessary to obtain an order.  Ensuring Cash is updated with the status through to lost or won. (Ensure you advise the Business Development Administrator in order that this information can be added to the monthly masters).

Make a note using outlook calendar or task manager to prompt a call back (3 days after issue at the latest). From the call back open dialogue to ensure we have fulfilled the client’s requirements, are competitive on price and gauge as to when they are looking to place an order if successful. Further opportunities should also be explored for which we could offer a competitive tender.

If we are unsuccessful in obtaining an order get feedback from the client as to why; price, preferred contractor and record. Make a diary note to follow up to quote again next year.

The business development administrator will assist where necessary but they are not responsible for issuing tenders and following up unless by mutual agreement and confirmation by your line manager.

On obtaining of a contract, the site will be raised on cash via the Business Development Administrator. They will ensure all the relevant information is in the cabinet allowing the schedulers to perform the scheduling tasks efficiently and without delay. Where necessary a brief handover with the Senior Service Co-ordinator will take place. Any issues arising in the operation of the site in relation to your quotation will be dealt with by yourself in the first instance, as a point of contact for the client. This can then be referred to the relevant individual within Compco if necessary and if unrelated to your quotation.

On larger and multiple sites you will continue as Key Account Manager throughout the duration of the contract dealing with any issues which arise.

You will be responsible daily for providing information of where you are visiting including updates of previous sales meets to your line manager, so they can collate and populate management reporting documentation. Failure to do this will lead to disciplinary action.

As the majority of your work is remote from the office it is key that communication is fluent throughout the sales department, assisting you in your daily tasks.

Once these potential new sites have been identified you should add this to the Cash system. In some instances the Business Development Administrator can assist when required.

All cold calls need to be recorded on the CASH system, collating: client/Company name, address, telephone number, email address and name of contact and position.

Note outcome of cold call, i.e. no requirement, requested visit or quotation etc.

Send introduction email and literature where possible, ensuring the contact have a point of reference for future correspondence.

If you are out of the office or away from your computer, advise the prospective client you will get the details over to them as soon as you are back at your desk.

Record follow up details, by means of setting a task reminder in Outlook.

If you are travelling to a site try and ensure it is not just a one off trip there and back. Make it a productive trip by checking if there are any other new clients you could prospectively call and see in on your journey.

If you spot something on your way to a meeting you can always call in on your way back and introduce yourself.

Always ensure you log these cold calls and the outcome.

Qualifications & Training

Excellent Account Management skills are required in order to develop strong business relationships and ensure customer satisfaction.
A background in a Sales Management is desired along with proven sales achievements.
You must have the ability to encourage a customer focused and performance driven environment. You will also need to be self starting, persistent and approachable with excellent communication and networking skills.
We offer comprehensive training to give you the technical expertise and a career development programme to support your progression within our business.
You should also be smart and presentable with a professional approach and a full driving licence.

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