Whether you’re involved in a new construction project or need fire protection services for an existing building, we can help.

Insurance companies often drive the need for fire protection as it can reduce premiums significantly (sometimes by as much as 70%). Alternatively, you might have received specific recommendations from a fire officer. Either way, it’s likely you’ve been told to find a LPCB Level 4 accredited supplier, like Compco.

If you’re unsure what you need, no problem.

Drawing from our wide range of products and services we’ll recommend the best approach for your project. The right fire protection depends on many factors, such as:

  • Your particular building – age, structure, and height, for example
  • Your building’s purpose and contents – warehouse, office block or hospital, for example
  • The people in the building – the number and their vulnerabilities

Talk to us early. We’ll draw on three decades of knowledge to help you get it right first time. We project manage your fire protection needs from design, right through to installation and ongoing maintenance. You’ll enjoy friendly support and high-level involvement.

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The following pages provide more detail about our products. 

They’re all fixed automated fire suppression systems designed to control and reduce the spread of fire, should it break out in your building.

We also provide a full consultancy service when required, helping to design and specify the right protection for your building. And in the years that follow, our reassuring service and maintenance packages are available for all fire protection systems, whether we installed it for you or not.

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Talk to us early and we’ll help you get the specification right first time.

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