Carol Bright
Senior Service Co-Ordinator

Position title:
Service Co-Ordinator & Admin Team Leader 
How many years have you worked for Compco?
I have worked for Compco Fire for 9 years this coming January, leaving behind a similar role within a Fire Alarm company.
What skills and experience do you bring to your role at Compco?
My previous co-ordinating role enabled me to progress into providing good customer service with accurate and timely schedules, we are proud to offer an individual customer service and deal with customer queries within the team.
What is your greatest achievement at Compco?
Achieving high quality services for our clients so enabling them to retain high profile clients and just as importantly, smaller company service contracts year after year.
How have you seen the company develop during your time here?
Within my time in the company the service department has grown from a team of two, to a combined co-ordination and administration team of 10 very conscious and caring team members.
Where can you see Compco progressing to over the next 5-10 years?
I believe Compco Fire offers excellent service both in service and construction and will grow and progress to be the number one provider of national sprinkler services.
Do you have a life motto?
My life motto is simple, live life to the full, don’t regret the things you didn’t do and could have.
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