At Compco, we are committed to driving innovation, tackling both site specific issues and the greater challenges effecting the industry and wider society. The market we operate in is constantly evolving, and we continue to remain at the forefront of new ideas in design, off-site modularisation, new products, methods of working, and health & safety.



We embrace the benefits of using BIM when undertaking a new building construction project. From building design, through to construction and even while the building is in use, the BIM process allows valuable information about our systems to be shared effectively and reduce clashes on-site.
Compco have been utilising 3D design and BIM on projects of all sizes for close to a decade and, with all design being completed by our qualified in-house team, we have a wealth of experience to draw upon. From small retail and residential schemes, to multi-million pound office and warehouse projects, we fully buy into the collaborative approach that these new methods allow.



Off-Site Fabrication and Modularisation

Throughout history, the construction industry has been characterised as a labour-intensive industry that is timely, costly and produces excess waste at the expense of the environment. At Compco, we are keen to overcome these traditional problems, and in 2016 we opened our Oldbury fabrication shop to explore innovative products and construction methods.
Today, we are able to offer modularised pump houses, fire pump skids, valve set arrangements and zone assemblies. These reduce costs to our clients, enable process standardisation, shorten lead times, improve construction quality, reduce time on-site, and reduce waste. Modules have been delivered the length and breadth of the country and this in-house experience has allowed us to provide valuable advice to clients who have their own modular process.

Innovative Products

At Compco, we are constantly striving to offer clients new products that may offer advantages over traditional systems. As part of this, we are able to offer both low and high pressure water mist systems from our partnered manufacturers. These allow us to offer options where space for plant is limited or standard sprinklers pose a risk to people, equipment or sensitive buildings. The systems were chosen for their track record of successful installations, and most importantly because the systems are 3rd party accredited with the backing of fire test data rather than individual components (such as nozzles) tested only. This gives the end user peace of mind that quality is maintained through every component installed.

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