FOGTEC High Pressure Water Mist

Minimal water damage and business downtime

The key to COMPCO-FOGTEC’s fire fighting effectiveness is the generation of very fine water droplets. The size of the droplets is classified as NFPA 750 Class 1. This extremely small droplet size makes the COMPCO-FOGTEC system highly effective and uses only small amounts of water. The key factors are the system’s ability to cool with the localised oxygen displacement effect.

Cooling Effect

As a result of the water being atomised at high pressure, the surface area available for cooling is considerably greater than that of conventional low pressure systems.

This means COMPCO-FOGTEC systems extract the energy (heat) far more rapidly and effectively from the fire. The strong cooling effect serves not only to fight the fire but also to protect persons and property against the effects of radiated heat. Water mist shields also effectively protect construction elements such as walls, doorways and facades.

Oxygen displacement

The small water droplets rapidly evaporate at the fire source. Evaporation occurs only where there is a high temperature. Where there is a low temperature there is no steam generated so these areas may be used to escape. The vaporization of the water increases the water volume by 1640 times and the oxygen is displaced locally at the fire source, where a localised inerting effect is generated.

This is comparable to the effect of an inert extinguishing gas, although when using such a gas, the air oxygen content has to be reduced in the whole area to be effective. The larger water droplets generated by low pressure water mist systems or other conventional water fire fighting systems, convert to vapour at a much slower rate, and here there is a substantial part of the droplet that does not convert at all.

Unlike many chemical-extinguishing gases, COMPCO-FOGTEC Water Mist systems neither destroy the ozone layer nor do they contribute to the greenhouse effect. A pre-warning time prior to activation to protect persons is not normally necessary.

Some typical benefits of COMPCO – FOGTEC High Pressure Water Mist
  • Considerable less water needed hence minimal water damage
  • Business down time reduced in an activation
  • Supreme cooling ability with oxygen reduction
  • Small pipe diameter – 316 stainless steel
  • Compact plant and water storage
  • Environmentally friendly potable water – no additives
  • Fast and effective fire suppression
  • Fully backed 3rd party approvals with full-scale fire tests
  • Recognised VdS FM TUV approvals and certification
  • High pressure mist can have a smoke washing capability
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Ideal to retrofit existing buildings where lack of space is prohibitive
  • Full ongoing maintenance and training packages available
Typical installations and applications of COMPCO FOGTEC
  • Data Centres and small computer control rooms
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Archives / Libraries
  • Art Galleries
  • Theatres & Museums
  • Hotels
  • Cleanrooms
  • Food Industry Ovens / Fryers
  • Water Mist Curtains
  • Escalators
  • Generator Enclosures and Turbines
  • Engine Test Cells
  • Under Vehicle Systems
  • Hydraulic Pits
  • Cable Tunnels
  • Tunnels
  • Transformers
The future of Water Mist

At COMPCO, we perform all installations to the highest quality and standards. The high pressure FOGTEC systems use specialist stainless steel pipe fitters and commissioning engineers and provide work specific method statements, risk assessments, and health and safety policies. What’s more, as COMPCO Fire Systems is LPCB Level 4, BAFSA, Construction Line and Safe Contractor approved, you can be sure our service, workmanship and safety meet the highest possible standards.

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