Hydrant Mains and Risers


Hydrant Mains

The Fire and Rescue Service need an instant and localised water supply to fight fire, and private fire hydrants will provide just that. They are a valuable asset in the fight against fire and a necessary item of fire fighting equipment.

Where a number of fire hydrants or wet fire mains are required because of the area of the premises to be covered, the mains supplying these systems should be in the form of a ring main to form a complete circuit of the site.

Our systems are normally supplied by valved connections from the local Water Authority mains network but, where suitable pressures and/or flows cannot be met, COMPCO can install dedicated water supplies in the form of fire pumps and water storage.

Designed using the guidance and recommendations of BS 9990:2006, COMPCO fire hydrant systems are suitable for use by your Fire and Rescue Service with BS 750 Type 2 hydrants fitted in valve pits covered with suitably designed and marked covers, along with safety signs fitted adjacent to each location. For facilities having their own on-site Fire Brigade using American style connections, COMPCO can provide systems utilising surface mounted pillar hydrants. As you would expect, these are supplied and installed in accordance with the latest NFPA and Factory Mutual Global rules.

Fighting fire in multi-storey buildings

The Fire and Rescue Service are adequately equipped to deal with most fires involving multi-storey buildings up to 18m high, but above this height buildings have to be constructed with fire fighting shafts provided with fire mains. These fire mains take the form of dry or wet risers.

Dry Risers

A dry riser system can be installed in buildings with floors up to 50m above the Fire and Rescue Service access level.

The system consists of a two way inlet breeching connection into which the fire appliance can pump water. This fills the rising main so that water is available at landing valves in fire fighting lobbies located at each floor level. Fire fighters can then attach their hoses to these outlets and tackle any fire from a secure bridgehead.

Wet Risers

Wet riser systems are very similar to dry, except that they are permanently charged with water. They come into their own where floors are over 50m above the Fire and Rescue Service access level and where supply pressures exceed those of the fire appliance.

A dedicated water supply for the wet riser system consists of a water storage tank and usually two fire pumps. With pressure regulated landing valves located in fire fighting lobbies at each floor level, fire fighters can then tackle any fire from a secure bridgehead.

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