Low Pressure Water Mist Systems


Innovative Fire Control

When space is limited or standard water sprinklers pose a risk to people or equipment, water mist sprinkler systems are an effective alternative.

Water mist works by enveloping the fire with fine water droplets and breaking the cycle needed for combustion. The mist creates a large surface area of water droplets, increasing cooling and controlling the hazard.

By discharging water through special nozzles at high pressure, the mist reduces the amount of water used and the damage caused. Acting in a similar way to gas systems, water mist extinguishes fires in obstructed locations normally inaccessible to standard sprinkler systems. What’s more, the technology is free from environmentally hazardous gases and potentially dangerous compressed gas.

Where to use Water Mist Systems
  • Computer Rooms and Data Halls
  • Hotels and Catering applications
  • Listed Buildings
  • Buildings with restricted space for sprinkler water supplies
  • High rise buildings


Click here to visit the dedicated Water Mist web site

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