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Bringing ideas to life, our 3D Design team creates fully tailored plans for your Fire Protection System and works with you to develop the best possible system for your premises. Our industry-leading team uses the latest technology to achieve the most cost-effective design whilst ensuring it complies with accordance with the most recent British Standards.

At Compco Fire Systems our 3D Design service is a compilation of skillfully designed CAD drawings produced by our specialised designers, hydraulic calculations which determine the water flow and pressure of the system to ensure the system can meet the hydraulic demand required, as well as noting the correct pipe sizes and heads to be used.

All our team have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities and combine design with innovative engineering capabilities. Compco Fire Systems are the experts you need.


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"It's fantastic being able to work in such a supportive environment. We have a great team across the whole of Compco Fire Systems."

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"Every day is a blend of hands-on experience. It is such a collaborative environment in the office with everyone willing to offer their support."


At Compco Fire Systems, we are proud to have our own Internal Training Academy. Here, we deliver training that will empower individuals to support and develop our emerging and established teams. Our people are the reason we provide 'Excellence In Fire Engineering.' Our Training Academy allows us to continue to build and develop an individuals skills and expertise, with our structured training and development available to both our existing teams and new recruits. 

By going through our tailored Internal Training Academy, you will gain a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

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