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Choose the smarter way with our High Pressure Water Mist System. For buildings that require the most technology advanced Fire Protection. Using much less water than conventional Fire Sprinklers, our FOGTEC High Pressure Water Mist System is also more effective at smothering a Fire, rapidly.

Our FOGTEC High Pressure Water Mist combines the benefits of Gas Suppression and Conventional Sprinkler Systems. Dispersing incredibly fine water droplets (classed as NFPA 750 Class 1) from specialist nozzles, atomising the water at high pressure, the surface area available for cooling is much greater than from a Low Pressure System. Heat is therefore extracted more rapidly, minimising damage from Fire and Radiant Heat.

Typically working under pressures between 70-130 bar, it requires just 10% of the water a Fire Sprinkler System needs, resulting in significantly smaller Tanks and Pipework. This is a huge advantage when you're upgrading the Fire Protection in an existing building or when there's limited space.


At Compco Fire Systems we've designed and installed High Pressure Water Mist Systems for many different locations including Museums, Theatres, Cable Tunnels, Data Centres and Engine Test Cells.




Water mist shields also protect construction elements such as walls, doorways, and facades. Coupled with extracting heat, high pressure water mist vaporises faster than a low pressure system. The steam generated increases water volume by 1640 times, removing oxygen and disabling the fire at source. It’s the same effect as dispensing a fire extinguisher.


Protecting Construction elements such as Walls, Doorways and Facades, coupled with extracting heat, High Pressure Water Mist vaporises faster than a Low Pressure System. The steam generated increases water volume by 1,640 times, removing Oxygen and disabling the Fire at the source; it’s the same effect as dispensing a Fire Extinguisher.

Such a rapid and comprehensive response ensures minimum damage to contents and equipment, getting your Business back up and running with the least possible downtime. High Pressure Water Mist Systems reduce damage from smoke too as they clean the particles in the air, removing smoke.

Our installation will be conducted by Specialist Stainless Steel Pipe Fitters and Commissioning Engineers.

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