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Whether it’s equipment, artefacts or data, a Gas Suppression System protects small areas of high value when water isn’t suitable. Where there’s lots of electrical equipment, you cannot use water to manage the outbreak of Fire. And there are many situations when water could cause much damage to high value contents.

We’ve installed Gas Suppression Systems in Data Centres and on sites storing high value electrical equipment. We’ve also helped many Museums looking to ensure the best possible Fire Protection for artefacts.

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On detecting a Fire, the alarm system activates, ensuring people quickly evacuate the room. Once clear, the doors close and the room seals. Gas then quickly pumps into the room, starving the fire of oxygen, rapidly putting it out. A fast response, pressure vents and less water keeps damage to a minimum.

At Compco Fire Systems, we design and install a Gas Suppression System to suit your specific requirements. Able to specify a variety of Inert and Chemical Gases, we help you determine exactly what you need, right from the start.

We can specify the following Gases; IG-55, Carbon Dioxide, FM200, IG-541 and Novec 1230.

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