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As time-served UK Fire Engineering Consultants, we can help you make the right choices and reduce the risk to you and your Business.


Whether it's due to recent Fire damage or there has been a change to your risk level, you'll sometimes be advised to install an Automatic Fire Protection System into an existing building. In fact, your Insurance Premium might depend on it.


What with Automatic Sprinklers, Water Mist and Gas Suppression, it can be confusing to say the least; every building has different Fire Safety needs. Our UK-wide Fire Engineering team offer a free consultation. Unlike other Fire Engineering Consultants, we design, install and maintain your Automatic Fire Protection System too.

An LPCB Level 4 Accredited Supplier with decades of experience, enjoy our personalised, turnkey service. From small buildings to multi-million-pound projects, we’re the friendly Fire Engineering Consultants you’ve been looking for!



Looking at the structure, your people and your contents and equipment our Fire Engineering Consultants can establish the best route for you and your Business. Taking the strain off you, we also liaise with your Insurance Provider, Fire Officer, and Local Council when necessary.

Water Mist.png

The Structure Of Your Building


Contents And Equipment Stored


Number Of People In The Building

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Expected Project Lead Time

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